Walking on Yellow Sunshine

Introduction slide to "Express You" Ad Campaign

Introduction to “Express You” Ad Campaign

Original Ad Design Analysis transistion slide.

Original Ad Design Analysis

Design Principles Analysis slide.

Design Principles Analysis

Color Analysis slide.

Color Analysis

Typography Analysis slide.

Typography Analysis

Introduction to New Ad slide.

Introduction to New Ad

New Ad Design Analysis transistion slide.

New Ad Design Analysis

Design Principles Analysis slide.

Design Principles Analysis

Color Analysis slide.

Color Analysis

Typography Analysis slide.

Typography Analysis

Conclusion Slide–Converse Logo

Conclusion Slide–Converse Logo



This slide design project has brought together all of the various visual design skills we have been learning about and working to perfect all semester. It has tested our knowledge and challenged us to stretch our skills in new ways. We have learned how to bring InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop together to combine and multiply their uses. It is always a challenge to learn how to do something new, but I feel the real challenge comes in figuring out how to apply ones knowledge and skills effectively. That is exactly what this slide design project has given me the chance to do.

When researching ads for this project, I came across this fun ad for Converse’s “Express You” ad campaign. I liked the monochromatic color scheme and the simple, yet effective design. As I considered my plan for creating a new ad, I wanted my design to really look and feel as though it belonged to original ad campaign. I also wanted my slide design to be well-organized and to display a clean, professional look. I specifically applied the design principles of repetition, contrast, proximity, and alignment as well as the effective use of color and simple typography in order to achieve this result. After working on so many projects this semester, I am convinced that these design principles are essentially universal and can be easily applied to any type of creative project to obtain professional looking results.


Project Specifications

To begin with, we were to choose a well-designed ad, which included at least one line of text along with the company logo. This ad could be either vector or raster based. Our assignment was to create a new unique ad that looked as though it could be a part of the original ad campaign. We needed to use Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator to create the new ad. Then we were to design a slide presentation using InDesign and import and link the new ad from Photoshop and/or Illustrator. The purpose of the slide presentation was to point out the design, color, and typography features of the original ad and then to make comparisons between the two ads to show how the new one fits in with the original ad campaign. We needed to have at least six, consistently designed 10” x 7.5” slides in our presentation. Each slide should present just one topic or idea and one of these should introduce the company and the campaign.


Target Audience

The converse shoes, which are featured in this ad, are customizable and are pictured in a variety of very bright colors, which would appeal to a demographic that wants to be unique while still fitting in with brand name shoes. This leads me to believe my audience will most likely consist of a high percentage of young adults as well as teenagers. These ads may also appeal to an older audience as well; primarily those who want to put a new twist on the old classic shoe they love.

The message of these ads is, “More than just a shoe. Express you.” With the Converse Sneaker Creator you can “create your very own shoe uniquely for you.” Of course these shoes come in their very well know classic style, but with a special twist, they are customizable. This feature allows you to creatively express your own sense style. These ads also give you the impression you can choose the color of your shoes to match something you love, even something as grand as the clear blue sky or the bright yellow sun.


Design Analysis


To begin with, Converse decided to put their shoes front and center, right in the middle of their advertisement. The text alignment is also centered, which helps to keep your focus right on the shoes and it also creates repetition within the design. Repetition is also achieved through the use of both color and typography. Contrast is created using color as well as several variations in the size of the font. There are also visible separations between the different text sections within the ad. The main heading is far removed from the rest of the text, but it still feels connected the campaign theme because they are both in close proximity to the shoes and they are both are displayed in same color. In the new ad, I used the very same strategies of design, which the original ad employed. I focused on centering the shoes and the alignment, using repetition of color and type, using color and type size to create contrast, as well as the same text placement to mimic its use of proximity. In the slide presentation, I tried to imitate several of these design features as well to produce a feeling of continuity and repetition throughout the presentation.


The color scheme for this ad is a defining feature and it is the reason it looks so distinctive. Therefore this was one of the most important considerations for creating the new ad. The original ad features a lovely soft blue monochromatic color scheme. They feature blue shoes as well as mentioning the color blue in the heading, which says, “Out of the Clear Blue Sky.” The background is a blue hue and the typography is shown in a lighter tint for the main message and a darker shade of blue for the detailed information. These shades and tints help to add interest and contrast and they help to organize the information more effectively. I chose to use a yellow monochromatic color scheme for the new ad. First, I found some yellow Converse shoes and then I mentioned yellow in the heading, “Walking on Yellow Sunshine.” The background I chose is a yellow hue and the typography is shown in a tint for the main message and a shade for the details down below it.

In my slide design, I chose to use a soft black back ground as a way to create a strong contrast between the bright blue and yellow of the ads and to help draw attention to them. I also chose to use the same colors from the ads to display the titles of each slide to create repetition and continuity.


The typography used in the original ad is a bold sans serif font, which is in all caps. It is very distinctive and the fact it uses all caps gives the ad a very block like visual effect as it produces clean lines and rigid rectangular shapes throughout the ad. The use of various sizes of text as well as colors of blue in the original ad clearly adds to the visual interest and creates effective contrast, even though the entire ad is in blue. For the new ad, I was able to find a very similar font to the one used in the original ad. It is also a bold sans serif in all caps. I wanted to be able to create the same feel of the original advertisement, so finding a very similar font and using all caps was highly important the overall look and design of the ad. In the slide design, I chose to use a very simple font in contrasting sizes, colors, and weights for clarity and readability.



This project was actually very fun to design and create. The constraints of keeping the design of the new ad consistent with the design of the original ad made this project fun and interesting. It challenged my developing skills and helped me to learn how to combine these wonderful Adobe tools in new and exciting ways. I have learned to enjoy working with them because I can see the powerful ways they can be used to create and design any visual project. I am still learning about design and about how to use these amazing Adobe tools, and I plan to go on learning. It has opened up a whole new world of functional creativity for me to explore and to perfect. In time, I hope I can develop professional skills and use them to make the world a better place.


Image Attributions

I was fortunate enough to find a great image of some yellow Converse shoes at a lovely little Etsy shop called Wild Rose. I sent a message to the owner Lindsey to ask permission to use her image in my ad, and she promptly sent a sweet message back giving me that permission. I would like to thank her and to provide a link to Wild Rose, which is her super fun custom shoe shop.

yellow convers shoes with musical fabric added to the tongue.

Yellow Converse Musical Notes Shoes from Wild Rose Shop on Etsy

I discovered this image of the original Converse advertisement through a Google image search. For more information about the Converse Sneaker Creator, visit Converse.com.

Converse Shoe Advertisement image.

Converse Shoe Advertisement

I created this new ad for Converse shoes using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

New Converse Ad by Lisa Parker

New Converse Ad by Lisa Parker




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