Lesson 13 Weekly Reflection

During the first part of this week we covered rank building and linking. This is not a simple process and requires time and a great strategy. It involves making connections and building relationships with online partners such as bloggers, other businesses as well as with those in the various social media outlets. The second part of the week, we learned about how to find and use the reports on Google Analytics. I feel this is an essential tool for any online business to learn how to use.


Strategy for Rank Building and Linking

My strategy is to start by building up partnerships with known business and then to branch out to try and build connections with others. To begin with, I spoke with Mary, who runs a new group called Art For All. Mary and I have been friends for many years as our daughters attended school together. She is an artist herself and she and her friend Jill decided it would be a great idea to connect all the various art groups in the area that serve artists with disabilities. I really like their philosophy, so I have decided to join their group. With the skills I am learning in this class, I helped them to build their website. I put a coupled links to her new website on my own website’s blog and I asked her if she wanted to write a little blog about her group and their involvement in the Redmond Art Festival to help promote them. All three of the artists on my website were invited to sell their artwork at the festival, which ended up being very successful. I recently asked Mary if she would be willing to add a link to my website from her site. She told me I could become one of the affiliate organizations. Besides social media links, this was my first back link.

I also want to discuss the possibility of some sort of arrangement with my daughter Brittany’s boss. She owns a bridal boutique and she hired Brittany to do hand sewing for her. She absolutely loved the bracelets Brittany makes, so I wondered if she would consider letting Brittany sell them in her shop and also create a link on her website. I think this could be a great opportunity for Brittany to not only sell her bracelets, but to get her name out there. Her bracelets are beautifully hand crafted with professional precision. At the art festival, she sold about $350 worth of them because people thought they were so beautiful and well made.

I found a wonderful article on a blog post created by a web design group. It was written about 7 years ago and highlighted the incredible artwork of some talented artists who have various disabilities. I also discovered they are looking for people to submit new blog posts. I spoke with Mary about maybe writing a post about some of the talented artists in her new group, including at least one of my artists. I felt if we approached them with this idea, we might get a positive response, as they have been open to this kind of article in the past. It would benefit both my group as well as Mary’s and would probably draw in some new viewers to their blog site.


Google Analytics

After learning more about Google Analytics, I am convinced that is an essential tool for creating a successful online business. It can help you to learn all kinds of things about the how people use your website as well as what is working to drive your business forward and what is not. You can learn more about Google Adwords campaigns, including the effectiveness of your keywords. It can tell you which of these are helping you to achieve your goals and which are not. You can also see the percentage of customers who came to your site through an organic search, social media, referrals, or paid campaigns. You can see where your traffic is coming from, what pages people are visiting, and how long they stay on a page. You can learn about your sales and the various percentages related to your e-commerce. You can see specific information about your social media links and your referrals as well. It provides a wealth of information that is highly valuable and it is all free. That is amazing and wonderful. It is something I plan on learning more about as I can see how valuable it will be for my business success.




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