Lesson 12 Weekly Reflection


This week we learned some important things using social media as a way to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing our website in order to reach our business goals. For me, the goal is to get some additional conversions in the way of sales for my little group of disabled artists. It is certainly a challenge to figure out how to use these amazing tools in the most effective way possible. I think coming to realize that mastering social media is partly science and partly an art can help. You certainly need to look at the numbers to help guide you, but you also need to get a feel for people and how they think and feel about your business and your approach. As people share your links with others, it increases your SEO and your website gets shown more often and in a better position in search results. So obviously finding ways to get others to do this naturally is the goal. You need to give them something worth sharing, which means you need to understand your audience well.


Social Media Connections

Over the last few weeks, I have begun to think that using Social media is probably going to be the best way to promote my website as I need people to feel some sort of personal connection with my disabled artists. Without this element, it is hard for people to fully appreciate their unique gifts and talents and be willing to give them a chance. All of our sales so far have been from people we have a connection to. Emily’s social media connections have been very helpful in letting people know about us. She has 1800 friends on Facebook and I think 1900 followers on Instagram, which has helped to spread the word really quickly, but we need to reach even more people, those who have an interest in seeing people with disabilities reach their dreams and find success.


YouTube Connections

I am aiming my entrance into social media directly at YouTube because I feel that it will give me the best forum to show people what my little group of artists can do and at the same time show people who they really are. I may have some difficulty getting Brittany to feel comfortable enough to agree to this, but Amberly and Emily will definitely enjoy it. They like people and like to share their talents with others. I want to see if I can figure out how to reveal their unique personalities as well as show their amazing talents and skills. I need to do some thinking about how to make this happen. I am thinking short, effective videos are best. You can’t expect people to invest too much time. I really need to let it sink into my thinking and swirl around in my brain for a while to get the creative juices flowing.


Further Connections

Once I get some videos on YouTube, I can share them on Facebook and put them on my Website. I can also write a post on WordPress and insert a link to my YouTube videos. There are a lot of ways to try and get them circulating. Of course, this will only be effective if they resonate with the right people, those who would be interested in purchasing art cards, photography cards, and bead work created by three very talented persons, who just happen to have a disability.


For those who are interested in checking out my website, click here.


Alice in Wonderland Drawing by autistic artist

Alice in Wonderland drawing by Amberly Parker

clear marbles

Clear Marbles by Emily Locke

Crystal bracelet

Crystal Bracelet made by Brittany Parker






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