Organize Your World

Brites rubber bands ad

Television Advertisement–Organize Your World Size: 1920px by 1080px Resolution: 150dpi

Brites rubber bands ad

Magazine Advertisement– Size: 8.5″ x 11″ Resolution: 150 dpi


It takes a great deal of time and effort to come up with a creative idea, put it down in words, visualize it, and then make it happen. Fortunately, this process is also very enjoyable. I feel the creative activities we employed to help us discover out creativity were helpful. It seems that when the mind is bored, it tends to get creative. I discovered I was able to create my best ideas when I was walking by myself. My advertisement project was based on Brites™ rubber bands. Normally, this topic would not create much enthusiasm, but as I did more research on them, I discovered this company was actually producing very innovative designs. They were using their rubber bands to organize all sorts of things from files, to packages, to coloring books and crayons. I was intrigued, so I went to work to create an ad that reflected the creativity and innovations of these colorful rubber bands.


Project Specifications

The first specification for this project was that we were to use the project generator to choose a household or office product along with a target audience and associated demographic information. Once we had a product we were to choose a specific brand and then we needed to include that company’s logo in our ad. We also needed to legally obtain two or more images and blend them together using Photoshop. The point was to create a symbolic ad that communicated a creative message for our product that was aimed at out target audience. We need to include a creative headline and one to two sentences of body copy, including a call to action. The product generator also chose two different mediums where our ads would be displayed. In my case, it was a magazine ad and a static television ad. The size for the magazine ad needed to be 8.5” x 11” and the resolution needed to be between 150 and 300 dpi. The television ad was to be 1920px by 1080px and also between 150 and 300 dpi. Photography attributions, along with links to the images used in these ads, are provided below.



My design is aimed at married women ages 35-44. Women within this demography are also likely to have children of various ages living in their home. Their educational level is a high school diploma, though they could also have some college educations as well, but no degree. Their income ranges between $40,000 and $59,000 per year, which would mean they would be budget conscious, but could easily afford to purchase rubber bands. These women primarily seek out media through magazines and television, so ads within these two media options would be preferred. My message for this audience is that there are many varieties of Brites® rubber bands, which can help then to keep their life organized and running smoothly and efficiently.


Design Analysis


I was very picky when it came to choosing images to use for these ads. I wanted them to not only look attractive on their own, but also to look pleasing together. I was looking for clear images that had the right colors as well as the right subject. It was a challenge, but I was able to find images that fit this criteria. I chose the rubber band ball image for the colors and the fact that it looked very neat and tidy: like it had been rolled in to a ball by the manufacturer. I chose the image of the earth’s surface because it was very simple and the light green color of the landmass was very similar to the color in the rubber band ball. This image had to be very simple, because the texture and patterning of the rubber band ball was fairly complex. In order for it to contrast effectively so it would show up, it was essential that it be very simple. Last of all, I chose the image of the stars in the sky. I liked the fact it was also fairly simple and that it was blue, rather than black so that it fit very nicely into my design. I believe that these decisions provided the basis for the rest of my design and helped to inform many of my consequent design decisions.


I focused on using the design principles within each version of the advertisement. Contrast was an important element of the overall design. I used contrast in the typography by choosing contrasting typefaces, by using a white color against a dark background, and by using contrasting weights and sizes. I included repetition by using a set color scheme of blue and green and repeating it. I chose to add light green to a keyword in the title and then reaped in in the body copy on one important phrase. For the magazine ad, I chose to use a align the text equally on each side going out to the margins. The globe is the main focal point, and being that it is round and centered in the ad, it made sense to align the text this way For the television ad, I also aligned the title equally on both sides, but I chose to align the body copy to the right. This created a nice clean line down the right side of the ad, while the globe occupied the left side. I worked to reduce trapped space and also attempted to use a slight curve along the left side of the text to slightly mimic the curve of the globe. I used proximity by keeping the title near the image of the globe as they are closely related. I also created a little extra space between the title and the body copy to show that although they are also related, they are a separate part of the ad. Using the principles of design provides a highly valuable set of guidelines that help make the design organized, effective, and clean.


The main color I chose for this ad is a deep shade of brilliant blue. There were several different shades of this color in the background image and in the water on the globe image. The accent color I chose is a light tint of bright green, which is included in the highlighted text and in the landmasses on the globe. If you look closely, you will notice it also appears in the stardust in the bottom section of the background image. These colors are essentially analogous as they are next to each other on the color wheel. I like the clean, cool tone they bring to my ad. The fact the blue is a very dark tone and the green is a very bright tint creates a very attractive contrast. Additionally, I used a crisp white for the headline and body copy to contrast with the dark blue background. The ball of rubber bands contains several bright colors including the bright green. The simple and somewhat subdued color scheme of dark blue and light green allows these colors to stand out, effectively drawing ones attention to the rubber bands. As the rubber bands are the product being promoted, it was important to be sure they were the main focus of the ad.


The title typeface I chose to use is called, Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold. It is a simple, yet sleek sans serif typeface. In the bold weight, it allows the message of the heading to be easily seen and it provides a nice feeling of clarity. I adjusted the height of this font to create greater elegance and to lift the title up a bit. I used a slab serif called, Belle MT, for the body copy. It provides a nice contrast to the sans serif in the title and this particular font was easy to read against the tiny stars in the background. My purpose for designing the typeface in this way was to provide clear readability as well as to create a pleasant contrast.



This project was challenging and time consuming, but very intriguing to work on as well. Because I took full advantage of the creativity enhancing activities, I feel  my creative ability was improved. I came up with several creative ideas while I was walking alone because my mind was free to wander and make interesting connections between seemingly unrelated items. I found the principles of design were also an invaluable tool, which helped to keep my design looking orderly and balanced for my viewers. Overall, I enjoyed the process, and I learned a great deal about creativity. I hope you enjoy the advertisement enough that you will consider Brites™ rubber bands the next time you want to organize your little corner of the world.


Photograph and Image Attribution

I used four images in my advertisements. Two images were obtained from One is called the “world, ” and the other is called “sky.” I obtained the logo and the rubber band ball product image, under the rules of fair use. Links to each image are provided below.






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