Lesson 11 Weekly Reflection

So, the keyword for this week’s lesson is optimization. Now that I have my website up and running and I have started my Adwords campaign, I am prepared to start optimizing my site to get the best results possible for my business. I have been thinking that it would have been good to have to have started out with a little bit more structured business plan from the start, to help guide my actions and decisions. But I also know that even with a business plan, you still have to be flexible and willing to make changes on the go. This is exactly what I have been working on for this week, making changes that will hopefully bring some good results.


Landing Page Optimization

To begin with, I decided to add a clear heading onto my “shop” page so that visitors could see all the products I have available. I really want to be able to set up separate product pages with their own unique and descriptive URL, so instead of having all my products on one page, I can separate them into categories. This would help my Adwords campaign, by sending my customers directly to the product page they were looking for. I looked up information about how to do this on Squarespace, but didn’t quite find all I needed, so I contacted them. They sent me an email with a few more ideas about how to organize my page this way. I read through it, but did not have time to work on it yet. I hope to get working on it this weekend.

I also felt I should add in an assurance of some sort, near the point of decision as suggested in the reading material. So, I decided to add the phrase, “Secure Checkout–Encrypted SSL Technology” next to the “Add to the Cart” button. When I was searching for a website builder, I decided a secure checkout process was essential. I also linked this phrase to my “Security” information tab in the footer navigation so those who are interested can read more about it. I hope this will encourage people who are interested in my products to feel comfortable making a purchase because they will know the checkout process is secure.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be a rather complex subject. Some things are fairly straight forward, such as using keywords in your headings and text, but other things seem to be more complicated. I feel the big take way though is really that I need to focus on providing a uniquely valuable content or experience for my customers. I feel I have a fairly unique business idea already as I am displaying and selling the artwork and handiwork of disabled artists on my site. I also provide a bio for each of them so my customers can learn more about the artist. I especially love Emily’s bio because she wrote it herself. I feel it is inspiring and endearing. Maybe I could also write a blog post about each type of disability and provide more details for my visitors who are interested. If I am able to continue this business, I also plan to seek out some other skilled disabled artists who’s work and personal story could add unique value to my business. I also hope that their connection with my business will provide unique value for them as well.

Here is a link to my site, if anyone is interested in seeing what my wonderful artists have to offer.





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