Lesson 10: Weekly Reflection

This week was very busy and full of challenging assignments to complete. If it were not for Google, I would be very stressed out and probably still working on tying to figure out how to get my campaigns running smoothly. I was very grateful to get the help I needed from several Google Adwords support team members. I found them to be very helpful and they spend a great deal of time and effort to help me get things set up correctly.

Conversion Tracking

To begin with, I got help to set up my conversion tracking with Google Analytics, rather than using the code from Google Adwords. I had copied the code into my Squarespace site, but the technical support employee told me it would not be able to track the products dynamically, so he recommended using Google Analytics instead. Analytics will track the sale and price of each item separately, so I can get more accurate results. He helped me to set it up and get it up and running, so I could begin tracking my conversions.

Optimizing Google Adwords Campaign

I also got some help from Google to optimize my campaign. Before I called them, I looked over my keywords and made a few changes based on the impressions and clicks. I also noticed that my beaded bracelets campaign was not working, so I called them and got some help to reset it. I had used the word Swarovski in my ad, which is a trade name, so I could not use it. I removed the term and rewrote the ad. I also had to re-post the other ad, because it had some how been deleted and replaced by a copy of the Swarovski ad. Luckily I had kept a copy of my ads, so I just had to copy past it in place, which saved me a lot of time and trouble.

Google Adwords support also helped me to find ways to improve my campaign performance. They helped me adjust my settings to improve my clicks to impressions ratio. I put in some negative keywords as well. He suggested a few that I would not have thought of. My campaign promotes princess items, which unfortunately in today’s world could attract porn users. To avoid getting clicks like this, he suggested I use porn, nude, and sex, as negative keywords as well. I also changed the match type as suggested in the reading materials to a broad match modified with (+). I had it set to broad originally and then had set it to phrase match, but he thought I might get better results with the broad match modified setting. He also helped me add two types of extensions: link extensions and structured snippets.


I noticed that my impressions and clicks have gone up, and my click through rate has improved. Also my ad position went up slightly. I am very thankful to Google Adwords support teams for their great support.





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