Lesson 9 Weekly Reflection

Google Analytics

This week’s lesson involved learning about Google Analytics. This is a free tool, which allows you to track the activities of visitors on your web site. It can help you make better decisions for your business to maximize your success. The Analytics code was actually fairly easy to set it up on my website with Squarespace. I went to Settings à Website à Advanced. There was a little space provided that I could type in my tracking code number, to allow the analytics system to get set up for my web site.

We were then required to link up Google Analytics with Google Adwords to take advantage of many more useful tracking tools and reports. While the instructions seemed simple enough, I had difficulty getting the correct page to open. I needed to gain access to it so I could link Google Analytics with Google Adwords. It took me multiple tries and several hours to get in. After that it was relatively simple. I felt quite frustrated with it, but was very relieved when it finally worked.


Adwords Campaign Ads

I also spent a couple of hours writing and rewriting campaign ads for the products I am selling on my site. I decided to use two Campaigns with two ads each. The first campaign is called “Beaded Bracelets.” One ad focuses on “Natural Stone Beads” and the other focuses on “Swarovski Crystals beads.” I used some of the keywords I had researched for the previous assignment and also added in a few more. I need to look again at the Google keyword finder to see if I can find a few more ideas as well. My other Campaign is about “5×7 Cards” I focused one adgroup around “Art Cards,” and the other around “Photography Cards.” I also used some of my keywords I had found during the previous assignment, but will look at the keyword finder for more ideas here as well.

In writing my ads, I made sure to use the keywords in my ads, I made sure the link on my ad would take my visitors to the right page, and I made sure my keywords were relevant to the products I am selling. Casey reminded me that I need to be sure and use negative keywords as well in my campaigns. I have some for the bracelets but I need to think about some for my cards now. I hope to have all of this ready to go by Saturday evening so I will be ready to set up my paid campaign on time.


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