Lesson 7 Weekly Reflection


This week’s lesson was very informative. I learned a lot about how to choose effective keywords and phrases for my Adwords campaign. I came up with quite a few ideas, both broad and specific. I hope to discover more about how to choose the best ones from my list. I saw they have a phone number so you can get help. I think I will take advantage of this service, as my business does not quite fit into the usual mold for retail. I especially enjoyed the video tutorials provided by Google because they helped me to understand the information in context. It reminds me of the best way to teach the principles of the gospel: Christ’s way. If you have a principle you want to teach, it is always more effective if you add in a story or an allegory to help people further understand the meaning and application of the principle.


My Website

My website is up and running and I already had one order. I was quite surprised because I didn’t give anyone information about my site yet, except one of my artists and another artist friend of mine. I actually know the person who made the purchase, and she has no Facebook connections to the others. I will have to ask her how she found my site. It is a bit of a mystery. I made just enough to cover my website’s monthly charge, which was great.

I discovered my shipping costs were just a little short of what it cost to actually ship the items, so I added another dollar to the base rate. I want to keep these costs as close to the actual cost as possible, so I don’t loose money and so my customers don’t have to pay unnecessary fees. There are so many little details to consider when running a business. I also want to add a custom order feature to my site, so one of my artists, Brittany, can make bracelets to better suit customer’s tastes and sizes. I need to figure out how to do this on Squarespace’s template. I may have to ask them for a little help with this.

I also had a bit of a delay on the cards, as my printer’s computer applied the wrong font to them. This made them virtually unreadable, so he is fixing the font and will print them early next week. Once he gets that done, we will be ready to ship cards too. I will eventually add in the option to purchase prints as well. My plan is to order them as needed. This will increase the cost per item just a little bit and delay shipping, but it will keep me from having to pay for inventory and from having to stock them. I will also need to order the right shipping items to keep them protected, which is another expense.


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