Lesson 5: Weekly Reflection


The lessons this week were once again very challenging and thought provoking. I learned so much from doing the activities and from engaging in the discussion posts. I am so grateful for the discussion boards. Without them I would be lost in this class. It is so helpful to get feedback and to see what others are thinking and where their research has taken them. I am especially grateful for Belen, Casey, and Dylan, because they consistently provide helpful insights and feedback. It is great to know we have that extra level of support in such a challenging class.

Website Ideas

In the discussion board, I got some great feedback and additional ideas for my site. Dylan mentioned the idea of using a drop shipping service to add more variety to my inventory. There are sites that let you use your art to create various kinds of items, such as cards, cell phone covers, mugs, t-shirts, etc. I am going to look into this and see if I could in fact manage this. I really like the idea, but I am not sure about how to make it work. I might call some of these companies to get some ideas. I also got the idea to add a quote to my home page to help promote our mission and purpose. This should be easier to do, but it needs to be really inspiring.


I am beginning to feel more confident about this aspect of my business. I like the advice I got from the Squarespace website, which is to use both a credit/debit card processing service along with PayPal. They mentioned that this would help you to attract more paying customers because you will be providing them with the option to choose the payment system they like and trust. I feel this will help with sales because I will be making it easier and more comfortable for my customers to purchase from my site. I was very happy to find out that Squarespace has a system in place to make this process easier to manage. They use a service called Stripe for card payments, which also accommodates iPay. They also let you add PayPal to your website with an easy to use form and link up. If I used just one, it would be Stripe, as I personally prefer being able to accept credit/debit cards. I hope it will be as easy as it looks to get it all set up.


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