Lesson 4: Weekly Reflection


This week was a very challenging, but it was also very good. I found it difficult to learn and evaluate both the website builders as well as the website hosts. There is so much to learn about and trying to wade through all of the options was quite daunting. One of the problems is that I do not understand all of the terminology they use and I don’t understand what all the technical tools can do for you. I think to begin with, I needed to understand what I needed in a site. On the bright side, I now know much more than I did, and I am continuing to research and learn what I can about the different options. It is both stressful and exciting at the same time.


Although the things we need for this class have been discussed in various places, it would have been very helpful to have one document available that listed all of the basic website requirements for this project before this week’s lesson. I feel that I want to have something fairly simple to use, for a price that is reasonable, and that provides all the requirements I need. So, far I am most interested in trying out Squarespace. I like their upfront pricing and I like that you don’t ever need to worry about a contract. I also like that it is an all in one service so I do not have to worry about finding a separate hosting service. They provide all of the features we need in this class and they provide video learning tools. I am also considering Websmart as an alternate choice, because they have an easy to use product and they are willing to help me reduce my costs by adding in the ability to add HTML on one of their lower plans so it can work for this project. I also like the fact you can speak with someone in person about your questions. I will need to do some more looking and thinking before I finally decide which direction to take.

Looking Ahead

I am also working on getting more artists to be a part of my business. I got contact information today for three more artists. I also found out that one of my artists is connected with another talented artist on Facebook. I met her about a month ago and she liked my daughter’s art, so perhaps she will consider selling some of her work on my site. I am going to write up and send out an email to see if any of them are interested in trying to sell their art on my site. I don’t yet know how to work out compensation in this situation. This is more complex that just selling my daughter’s artwork. I would not have an upfront cost, which is good, but I need to know what would be a reasonable commission to charge. I thought maybe 30% would work. The MOSA museum charges 30% on sales and they also charge a display fee of $40 for a three-month period. I am just getting started and I need artists, so I do not want to make it hard or expensive for them. I think for the first few months, I would not charge them a posting fee, but would only collect a commission. I think this would make it a more attractive opportunity for them to consider.


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