Lesson 3 Weekly Reflection Blog Post

This week was certainly challenging, but I really learned a lot about how to find and contact a wholesaler to provide inventory and the differences, benefits, and challenges of the both affiliate marketing and drop shipping. I also enjoyed learning how to create the spreadsheet so I can learn how to make more objective decision about which choices will suit my needs the best. I feel that connecting with other students to find out what they came up with is very beneficial. It helps me to see the flaws in my own thinking as well as to learn about other points of view. While sometimes my ideas are challenged, it is actually quite a valuable thing to have to defend my points logically and with evidence or to have my opinion changed by the logic and evidence of others.

I looked up several wholesalers this week and looked over the items they sell. I researched their prices and the minimum number of units required. I looked over their policies and shipping charges etc. I found a couple of places that I liked really well and felt might serve me well in my business. They sell small metal containers and small glass jars. I was considering making all natural beeswax candles in some of these containers. I found supplies for wax and wicks, etc. as well. They also had some creative ideas posted on their site to help inspire you. This site is called Specialty Bottle. Another site I liked is called Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. They sell a large selection of really beautiful beads. One other offers wholesale reading glasses. These are just a few of the ideas I am interested in possibly trying out.

I also have learned quite a bit from working on project number one, which is due next week. I have a way to go on it, but so far I feel it has been quite valuable to me. I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, but I see how it can help you to narrow down choices. At first I thought having 20 ideas was a bit excessive, but I now feel it has helped me to become more creative and to look for business opportunities everywhere. I discovered that my original idea actually tied for the top rating. I wanted to sell art made by my disabled daughters and a friend of ours who also has a disability. They each have a real gift for art and I want to help them to find ways to share it with others. We were also invited to an art festival in July, where the girls can sell their art. I plan on having cards and prints made up with each artist bio on the back along with our contact information. The competition is low, but so far, so is the interest. I hope we can use the summer art festival to boost our exposure at least in our own community.


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